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Trimatrix Healing™ Technique was born of Satjit's lifelong spiritual journey dedicated to his belief and connection with the divine eternal consciousness. This technique provides tools and techniques that have helped hundreds of people to awaken their inner power through self-actualization.

The unique process of this technique empowers and enables the individual to become a conscious observer and a creator of positive life experiences. To find out more, click here.

Satjit has developed various workshops, seminars and programs such as the Trimann™ meditation technique - which means the 3 minds, Inner Life Balance Coaching Program, Energy healing workshops, health retreats etc.

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Trimann™ Meditation

Trimann™ meditation is part of Trimatrix Healing™ technique. This simple, unique and powerful meditation technique means 3 minds of the self. Each Trimann meditation session guides the participant towards the path of self-actualisation through inner-awareness.

People find their life purpose through these mindful meditation techniques that empower the mind and balance the body. Everyone is welcome to the non-denominational, uncomplicated, and uplifting experience that they offer.

Regular workshops are held online and in person.

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Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing

Trimatrix Healing is a gentle energy balancing technique. It helps the recipient to align with inner strength to overcome imbalances of the mind and body.

The healing process resolves the negativities by untangling the layers and rebinding them to give an experience of a new renewed self. It clears the mind and rejuvenates the body by detoxifying the psyche.

Trimatrix Healing process can be booked online or in person. In addition to individual sessions, you can also be part of group meditation and the healing process. These sessions does not replace the medical processes but assist with self-healing.

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Life Path Reading

Life Path Readings

Life Path Readings and Harmonisation Sessions are a unique experience. These readings are unlike any other; they do not predict or give psychic insights. They resolve the questions with unique insights.

Life Path Reading answers the questions before you ask them. These reading sessions are a healing process in themselves. Each answer connects a dot and opens the portal to opportunities that did not exist. They also unveil the truth and gives a new perspective. Nothing remains hidden as the high-self speaks in the presence of the guiding beings of light.

The most powerful aspect of these reading sessions is that the negativities resolve to give a positive start and a new beginning in one's life.

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Inner Life Balance™ Coaching Program

Inner Life Balance Coaching Programme

Inner Life Balance Program™ coaches the participant to explore the inner self, identify the hidden strengths and potentials, helps identify the unspoken boundaries, helps regain those boundaries, helps re-establish the new self and enforces success in all walks of life.

This program has given an invaluable tool to those who invested their time and effort in it.

Inner Life Balance Program™ or ILB™ program does not coach the participant to be an achiever. Instead, it helps to build upon what one has already achieved in life. Many people are unaware of the heights they have reached or the depth of their personality.

ILB™ is a coaching program that opens the eyes to the inner strength to achieve the possibilities that may have seemed impossible in one's past overshadowed by self-doubts, criticism, upbringing, relationships issues etc.

Based on the ten empowering steps, this program will change your vision and your world.

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Mindful Meditations


Being "Aware" Does Not Mean That You Will Have The Awareness To Do The Right Thing As Much As Being An "Observer" May Only Give You An Observance As A Spectator. Trimann™ Mindful Meditation Technique Provides An Opportunity To Be A Conscious Observer With Profound Awareness With Which You Can Redefine, And Reprogramme Your Life and Of Others Around You In A Harmonious And Balanced Way

Mindful Meditations

Join the Trimatrix Healing official channel for short mindful meditations every Thursday.

Conversations with Satjit

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    What they say

    • In a world surrounding us with spiritual teachers Satjit is one of its kind, at least from those I have met yet.

      Satjit is a divine balance between being humble, but powerful, grounded, but strongly spiritually connected, compassionate but frank enough. He is such a clean channel for the divine energy where in his field I have experienced my most memorable meditation so far.

      His open-hearted nature is always there for you to help, to advise, to listen, to care, to cure.

      Satjit is simply a blessing for all of us!

      - Milen M
    • I can’t explain in words how grateful I am, that I have met you and you took me in that beautiful journey to discover myself, who I’m really are and what my true desires are.

      I have a feeling I have woke up from the coma and now I’m starting live the life I always want to.

      I would like to thank you for your wisdom, for your amazing pure energy you have shared with me.

      Those sessions have already changed my life, my way of thinking and looking on ‘reality’ J

      I have never been so happy and positive before. I know the best is yet to come but I’m on the right truck now. I will let you know when I will fully heel myself from Rheumatoid Arthritis! Now I know, how our minds are so powerful, we just need to discover how to us it right, thank you for helping me in taking a big step into my new life J

      - Justyna W
    • I am really happy with the Trimatrix Healing™ Sessions. It has truly changed my life and the way I look at things. I know that by continiuing all the techniques and meditation I have learnt from Satjit I will soon create something amazing in my life. I would highly recommend Trimatrix with Satjit if you want to change your life and live fully in abundance.

      - Sylvia S
    • Satjit is an angel pretending to be a human being - a wonderful, joyful, filled with love and respect to people with great will and desire to help people. After a session I feel like a newborn both fisically and spiritually. It's a great experience I wish to everybody.
      - Nadia S
    • I have visited Satjit for the first time in the spring of 2011. At that time I felt enormous burden on my shoulders. After the healing session, I felt like flying! I remember that after thanking him for his help, Satjit simply smiled and said "No need to thank me, this is your energy". One of the things that characterizes his work is that he always tries to make the person stronger and better. I consider Satjit a blessing in my life!
      - Anna N
    • I know you since the Autumn of 2009 when I was struggling a lot physically and emotionally. I didn’t met you by coincidence and your healing energy was very important for me on that moment back then. It was a boost to keep looking within myself – improving and doing my best to be connected with myself and the Spirit. It’s been always a great experience to be in touch with you and not just using you energy, but also talking on different topics. Your knowledge is great and I always get benefits from it. It’s great that I had many chance to learn by you in the situations we had, so by this I want to tell you Big Thanks for having you in my life. And even we are not in communication so often I still feel the Light between and always looking for new challenges and experiences – there where we are Light and Connected.
      - Kiril
    • In life very seldom one meets such exceptional person as Satjit. From the moment you meet him you feel the warmth, empathy , understanding, kindness, as if you meet an old friend who you haven't met in years. An immense peace and goodness shines from this person's eyes... And it makes you feel  infinitely deep confidence in everything he brings you - as a lecturer and as a close friend who can give you a lot of hidden truths raising the curtain between the earth and the universal truths of our existence. From the very first lectures with him to this very day he resides invariably in my everyday life. Because from every meeting with him you are left with knowledge and experience that weave perfectly in your life... An example is the possibility for connecting with the Source. Or how to have the Healer always awaken in you...  Satjit is a person for whom it is not possible to talk about only with the earthly words... But this can be understood only by one who has received this gift from the Destiny - to communicate with him, even for a little while.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Satjit - to you and to the Destiny that allowed me to be a part from the people who you share you experience and knowledge with - for Here and for there Beyond - in the Universe...
      -Galina G
    • Satjit is a very positive and spiritual yet very down-to-earth person.  In the very moment you meet him you are attracted to him and want to communicate and share more time together. He guides himself and others spiritually with very easy and logical explanations.